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Security Services

Most businesses are only too aware of the potential costs associated with system failures and lost / breached data. By maintaining focus on the security of the network, customers can be confident that their confidential and sensitive data is out of reach to all but those authorised to access it.

Dimasoft offer a wide range of security services to assist in identifying potential security loopholes in your corporate IT infrastructure. Our services are aimed at ensuring that existing security measures are sufficient, as well as identifying any vulnerabilities that exist through mis-configuration, legacy code, inadequate patching and unsecured external access points, amongst other factors.

Dimasoft's security solutions are ideal for enterprises looking to maintain effective security implementations and a secure environment.

Vulnerability Testing

Used to find areas of your business network that are most susceptible to security attacks. The services include router testing, VPN assessment, website testing, firewall testing, port scanning and validation of server vulnerabilities.

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Firewall Configuration

Used to prevent infiltration of malicious viruses, trojans, spyware and hackers. Our team of experts will ensure that your firewall is properly configured and updated with the latest software in order to prevent costly security breaches.

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Source Code Audit

For discovering bugs, programming violations and potential security flaws in any programming project. This can save your company thousands of pounds by informing and rectifying security holes before your system goes live.

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Website Security

Our team of experts will ensure that your web server and all sensitive data stored on them are completely secure and protected from potentially malicious activities.

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Ethical Hacking

Our team of ethical hackers can be hired to identify vulnerabilities within your network and install pre-emptive measures to protect them from real attacks. We will test your overall security, and evaluate policies and procedures for protecting against malicious intrusions.

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PCI Compliance Consultancy

Our team will do a compressive analysis of your business' security implementations and procedures for secure transaction payments. We will provide consultation and guidance to ensure that your organisation is strictly PCI compliant.

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